Consumer Assurance

With the secure e-Trade (GeT) system, your money is safe and you do not take risks. The seller has to enter a trackable cargo information into the system within the specified cargo period. After you receive the product, if you review and approve the product, your payment will be transferred from the Secure e-Trade (GeT) pool account to the seller's account. If you receive a product other than the qualifications specified by the seller, you can send the product back and cancel the transaction and get your payment back from the Secure e-Trade (GeT) pool account. If you exceed your approval period for transactions with cargo information, transactions are automatically approved. For this reason, you must follow your transactions and approval period and perform the approval or rejection process within the specified time.

Seller's Assurance

In your purchases with Secure e-Trade (GeT), your collection is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of the Membership Agreement. Before you send the product, the price of the product is collected from the buyer and it is held in the virtual store pool account until the transaction is approved. Your payment after the product reaches the buyer and the buyer approves and the rules and conditions related to Secure e-Commerce (GeT) are fulfilled; The commission amount is deducted from the product price and transferred to your bank account within 3 working days. During this whole process, your mind will be at ease as your collection is under the guarantee of the virtual store.