Term of Use

1. Definitions

This agreement, everyads.net User Agreement (collectively referred to as the agreement), which consists of documents, appendices and explanations referred to by the agreement and which are an integral part of the agreement, registration on www.everyads.net (hereinafter briefly (hereinafter referred to as everyads.net) It has been mutually accepted and entered into force with the electronic approval of the "User" during the period.

2. Scope

This contract covers the services of everyads.net for publishing various advertisements that individual and corporate users want to market on the www.everyads.net website.

3. Rights and Obligations

3.1. The user, any information and content on everyads.net, or any advice, suggestion, etc. on any other subject. accepts and declares that it is not in nature and all information is for general information purposes. In addition, if the "User" wishes to initiate any legal action or purchasing process regarding the advertisements he/she has viewed on everyads.net, he/she is obliged to fulfill the necessary legal obligations and legal procedures, and that everyads.net does not provide any information and accepts and declares that it has no responsibility.

3.2. The user states that everyads.net is not responsible for investigating the authenticity, authenticity, security, accuracy of all kinds of advertisements, information, content and visuals, including the content provided by users, and to determine whether the display of such content and advertisements on the internet is legal or not. It accepts and declares that everyads.net, its employees and managers are not responsible for the announcements and contents in question and the damages that may arise due to them.

3.3. The user may provide links to other websites and/or portals, files or content that are not under the control of everyads.net, on the portals, websites, files and content, services or products or their content accessed through these links. accepts and declares that it has no responsibility.

3.4. The user, the information, content and announcements uploaded to the site are correct and lawful, that they do not cause any unlawful or immoral results such as defamation, defamation, commercial slander, threat or harassment, that the publication of this information and content on the Site or the sale and display specified in the advertisements are in force. It accepts and undertakes that it does not create any illegality in line with the legislation, and that it has the right or authority to publish the said advertisements and contents for the sale of the goods and products on the internet.

3.5. The User shall act in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use, all terms and conditions stated on the Site, applicable legislation, and moral rules in the transactions and correspondence carried out on the Site, declares that it is obliged to fulfill the measures and procedures required by the legislation, that it understands and accepts these rules and conditions. The legal and penal responsibility for every transaction and action performed by the User within the Site belongs to him.

3.6. everyads.net will share the information of the User with the relevant authorities, in case of a duly request from the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable legislation.

3.7. everyads.net reserves the right to change the services and content offered at any time and without any notice, to close and the information and content uploaded by the Users to the access of third parties, including the Users.

4. Terms of Service

4.1. Since the services to be provided by everyads.net will be valid annually or in different periods, different prices and conditions will apply for each service requested by the customer. everyads.net reserves the right to make changes in the prices and content of these services.

Any service received from 4.2.everyads.net is not affected by price and content changes that may occur until the package expires. The collected membership fee cannot be refunded or canceled under any circumstances.

5. User Panel

In the event that the corporate user company does not pay the subscription fee within the specified period or violates the Site Usage Rules, all services received will be closed. In order for the user panel to be used again, the customer is requested to reactivate the member panel by paying the subscription fee. (Everyads.net is not responsible for any disputes that may arise due to non-payment or closure of expired memberships.)

6. Membership Usage Information

Thank you to all members who created the everyads.net user record. Notification of passwords and user names or password changes are only sent via e-mail. Telephone or fax numbers to be given for contact will only be used in emergencies, and in such cases, requests will not be processed unless the password confirmation of the members is provided.

7. Payments and Compensation

7.1. Users are obliged to pay the price specified in the offer they will send in relation to their services related to my everything, via Credit Card or Bank Transfer/EFT.

7.2. The information specified by the parties in the site membership and recorded as contact information are notification addresses, and unless any changes to these addresses are notified in writing to the other party, the notification to these addresses will be deemed to have been made to them.

7.3. Individuals under the age of 18 cannot make payments on everyads.net. You can only make your payments with your credit card or EFT/Money Transfer. In the event that the parties cannot fulfill their responsibilities due to reasons beyond their control and unforeseen (natural disaster, war, etc.), each party will have the right to terminate unilaterally.

8. Security on everyads.net

8.1. It ensures your security by using the SSL Secure system, by ensuring that your information is really sent to my everything. All information is encrypted and protected with 256 bits.

9. everyads.netIntellectual Property Rights

9.1. Entering the everyads.net website, the site or the information and other data on the site, programs etc. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may arise due to its use.

9.2. everyads.net reserves the right to change all kinds of services, products, terms of use of the site and the information presented on the site, reorganize the site, and stop the publication without prior notice, available on this site and its extension. Changes take effect at the time of publication on the site. These changes are deemed to have been accepted by the use of the site or by logging into the site.

9.3. The general appearance and design of the everyads.net website, as well as all information, pictures and domain names, logos, icons, technical data presented in written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable form, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model. is the owner or licensee of all materials, including intellectual and industrial property rights, and is under legal protection.

9.4. any material on the website; It cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, posted, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and without reference. The whole or part of the website cannot be used on another website without permission. Provided that the general design of the site remains the same in whole or in part, it cannot be published under the name of another site. On the contrary, actions require legal and criminal responsibility. All other rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

10. Privacy

10.1. everyads.net requests some of your personal information during and after registration. Protecting your personal information and maintaining your privacy is the duty of everyads.net. For this reason, the information you have provided will not be used in any scope other than the rules and purposes specified in this contract, and will not be shared with third parties.

10.2. It detects and uses the IP address of the users when necessary, in order to detect system-related problems and to resolve these problems as quickly as possible.

10.3. Your personal information mentioned above can be used to publish your various advertisements, to offer our services, to make your subscription package payments, to make your showcase payments, to contact you for marketing purposes about our services, to your information, to manage and maintain your membership, to suggest services that may be of interest to you, and to third parties' technical, logistics and are used to enable them to perform other similar functions on our behalf.

10.4. Subscription package and showcase require financial information (credit card numbers) to be used in order to use our payment forms. When you purchase a subscription package from our site or make a window payment, you accept that your financial information is given to the third parties (banks, credit card companies, etc.) necessary to carry out your transaction. The information to be shared includes all necessary financial information including credit card number, expiration date. The collected financial information is sent to the service you purchased. Itis used to invoice you.

10.5. everyads.net does not share any of your information with third parties, except for the cases mentioned above. We undertake to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential, to regard it as a confidentiality obligation, to take all necessary precautions and to show due diligence to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain, unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. it does.